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The AA's new COVID Confident assessment scheme supports the hospitality industry in re-establishing and rebuilding consumer confidence as we head out of lockdown.

Supported by key industry bodies, it's a free scheme and open to all hospitality establishments that pass the AA’s stringent criteria. All applicants are encouraged to make a donation to Hospitality Action.

The accreditation will indicate to customers that an establishment has in place the necessary risk assessment, safety measures and staff training to reopen safely, in line with the UK's respective government guidelines as well as UKHospitality and respective trade association guidelines, as they are published.


Who is this for?

The scheme is open to all hotels; B&Bs, guest accommodation, restaurants with rooms and pubs with rooms; self-catering properties; camping, glamping and holiday parks; hostels; serviced apartments; visitor attractions; restaurants; pubs; and golf courses. See our FAQs about signing up for the scheme.


How to complete the process

To be eligible for the scheme, establishments signing up must meet the AA’s key COVID-specific criteria:

  • Supply evidence of a completed risk assessment document.
  • Provide clear evidence that relevant safety procedures and measures are in place.
  • Showing that staff training has occurred.

In addition, they must complete an online self-assessment and sign up to the COVID Confident Charter, a code of conduct that will include a commitment to update procedures and measures as guidelines change, and to submitting to future audits as required.

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What happens after I submit my application?

We'll review your submission. Please allow around 5 working days for us to process your information. The assessment is subject to published guidelines and confirmation of official reopening dates.

Your logo and certificate will be rolled out as different parts of the UK come out of lockdown.

If you are successful, you'll receive:

  • AA COVID Confident logo to use on your website, plus a weblink so you can link back to your page on Rated Trips.
  • A digital certificate to print and display at your property.
  • A social media toolkit to help you tell the world about your new accreditation.

Rated Trips will show the COVID Confident logo as well as details of any bespoke COVID measures you have told us about during the assessment.


Hospitality Industry Support

Industry bodies supporting the AA COVID Confident scheme:

  • ASAP, Association of Serviced Apartment Providers
  • ASSC, Association of Scotland's Self Caterers
  • B&B Association
  • Craft Guild of Chefs
  • Glamping Association
  • HOSPA, The Hospitality Professionals Association
  • Hospitality Action
  • Hotel Marketing Association
  • Institute of Hospitality
  • Les Clefs d’Or, The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth
  • Master Innholders
  • PASC UK, Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK
  • People 1st
  • Premier Cottages
  • Pride of Britain Hotels
  • SpeedyBooker
  • St Julian Scholars
  • Tourism Alliance
  • UKHospitality
  • UK Housekeepers Association
  • Wales Tourism Alliance
  • WASCO, Welsh Association of Self-Caterers


Supporting comments

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive at UKHospitality: “Consumer confidence will play a huge part in the reopening of the hospitality sector. If guests do not have the peace of mind they need, they are simply going to stay away. All the hard work that venues have put into making themselves safe and ready to accept guests will be undone. AA’s COVID CONFIDENT scheme is a great way of letting customers know that we are safe, secure, and ready and eager to welcome them back through our doors.”

Mark Lewis, Chief Executive at Hospitality Action: “Hospitality Action is UK hospitality’s benevolent charity, and exists to offer lifelines to hospitality people who find themselves in difficulty or crisis. As hotels restaurants, pub and bars prepare to open their doors again in the coming weeks, there will inevitably be uncertainty, both among staff members and customers guests, around the levels of safety in hospitality environments. We therefore applaud AA Hospitality for creating an industry-standard accreditation scheme that offers the reassurance that workers and visitors can return to venues with confidence.”

Kurt Jansen, Director of the Tourism Alliance: “We need to restart the domestic tourism industry in order to protect local jobs and businesses in tourism destinations. This scheme does that by ensuring that every property is safe so that visitors can relax and have a well-earned break in a secure environment.”

Andrew Campbell, Chair of the Welsh Tourism Alliance: " The Wales Tourism Alliance welcomes the launch of the AA COVID CONFIDENT Assessment Scheme, which is an important first step in helping tourism businesses to re-open safely and  confidently - and which will also provide much reassurance to staff, customers and our communities.”

Alistair Handyside MBE, Executive Chair at The Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK: “PASC UK was delighted to hear that the AA was launching this initiative, which will help give both consumers and owners confidence. AA has been a great partner for PASC and the self-catering sector, and the launch of AA COVID Confident is being recommended to all of our members and for them to display the logo on their websites.”

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive of the Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers: “These protocols will allow our sector to re-open to our guests while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved during these difficult times. Getting our members back to work is essential for both the health and vitality of our sector but also for the Scottish economy, given that we generate £723 million each year in revenue.

"As we gradually begin to ease lockdown restrictions, we need make sure that the correct balance of rules and freedoms is maintained, and these protocols will form a key part in ensuring that balance.”

Rob Farrow, Chairman of The Glamping Association: "The Glamping Association has always believed that the key to guest confidence is accommodation providers knowing and ensuring they meet their legal and regulatory responsibilities. The AA COVID CONFIDENT scheme is now an essential part of the mix."

David Weston, Chairman, B&B Association: “Right now as hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses plan to reopen shortly, there is nothing more important than giving our future guests the confidence and impetus to book their next break.  We want them to book one of Britain’s brilliant B&Bs in the confidence that they can do so safely, and with peace of mind.

“So we are delighted to support the new AA COVID CONFIDENT scheme, especially as it is backed by AA Hospitality, one of the most trusted and experienced names in our business.  We hope it will help consumers book with confidence, and help B&Bs and guesthouses recover successfully by demonstrating they are operating safely.”

Charlie Ramsay, Chief Executive, SpeedyBooker: “We fully endorse the AA COVID Confident scheme. Brought to you by the people who own and operate the AA star rating scheme, accommodation providers of all sorts can be assured of the quality of the assessment, which is a useful check-list to ensure they are taking the recommended measures to keep themselves and their customers safe. This quality also enables customers to have confidence in the certificate – confidence that will be much sought after as restrictions ease."

Madeleine Calon, President of Les Clefs d'Or: “The Society of The Golden Keys of Great Britain is delighted to partner with the AA and the COVID CONFIDENT assessment scheme. Guests have always placed their trust in our members to provide the best advice and impartial recommendations, and we hope our participation in this scheme furthers their confidence to return to our hotels.”

Beth Bailey, Chair of Premier Cottages: “If the hospitality industry is to gain the confidence of consumers to persuade them to book once we come out of lockdown, then we need to have robust protocols in place that will reassure them we are doing everything possible to keep them safe.  Having independent accreditation by a trusted name such as the AA affirming that each business has done a proper risk assessment, and is following best practice industry guidelines, will be an important part of that process.”

Nicholas Davies, Chair of the St Julian Scholars: “As Chairman of the St Julian Scholars I think the AA accreditation mark for COVID-19 is a brilliant initiative. The accreditation ensures hotels are prepared for re-opening whilst also giving guests peace of mind by acknowledging safety measures have been implemented to keep them safe. With over 400 members, St Julian Scholars are delighted to endorse and support this initiative and look forward to seeing it realised across the hospitality industry.”

Peter Hancock, Chief Executive at Pride of Britain Hotels: “Our customers throughout the UK will be looking for added reassurance when booking stays over the coming weeks and so we very much welcome this initiative from the AA, in collaboration with UK Hospitality. All of Pride of Britain’s member hotels are going the extra mile to ensure their guests’ comfort and safety and this assessment scheme will help to further demonstrate that commitment.”

James Foice, Chief Executive at The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP): “ASAP has developed the International Serviced Apartment Accreditation Process (ISAAP), the leading Global Serviced Apartment standard which has participants in 25 countries and actively promotes the need for robust and credible due diligence and health and safety measures. Our own accreditation now includes the ASAP Stay with Confidence Promise, promising guests COVID-proof hygiene standards. We are therefore welcoming the opportunity to align with the AA's COVID CONFIDENT accreditation initiative which will help unite the hospitality industry behind common standards that the consumer will easily recognise and understand.”

Andy Doyle, Membership Operations Manager at People 1st International: “The AA’s new accreditation offers businesses a practical solution to demonstrate how they meet new safety and hygiene measures in light of Covid-19 which, as our research shows, will be critical in rebuilding consumer confidence. We know staff training will be vital to this, so we’re pleased to see this featured as a key criteria of the accreditation.”

Petra Clayton, Chair, The Hotel Marketing Association (HMA): “As hotels and marketers across the UK prepare for properties to re-open, we have been challenged by having to balance informative safety guidance and reassurance with clever campaigns and regular communication to encourage consumers to start booking.  We welcome the support of credible and far reaching organisations such as the AA who can promote and reassure UK travellers so we can start realising stronger revenues again and start populating our British destinations and attractions.”


Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action is the trade charity for the hospitality industry. Its fundraising activities support UK hospitality employees who are facing ongoing financial and emotional uncertainty.

Hospitality Action is braced for a tidal wave of requests for longer-term support in the coming weeks, months and years. And they're ready to harness all of our expertise to provide ongoing assistance to the people at the sharp end of the pandemic, through their Hospitality Recovery Fund.

The AA is encouraging every business who applies for the COVID Confident accreditation to make a voluntary donation of at least £10 to Hospitality Action.

Donate to Hospitality Action now

Please choose 'AA COVID-19 accreditation' as the donation reason.