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How to sign up to AA Covid Confident

It's easy to sign up for the assessment – and it's free too!

Becoming Covid Confident - Frequently Asked Questions


What is AA Covid Confident?

Read all about the scheme here:


How do I sign up?

It's easy to sign up to AA Covid Confident – just visit to get started.

If you're rated by the AA or VisitEngland, you must use your ID number when you apply.

Is it free?

Yes, the assessment and accreditation for AA Covid Confident is free of charge.

We encourage a donation to Hospitality Action at the end of the process – you'll see a link, but it's up to you whether you choose to donate.

Why do you need my scheme ID?

The Covid Confident scheme is run on a separate system to other schemes. By adding your ID on registration, we can connect this to your current record. Also, it means that the accreditation, should achieve it, will show on your Rated Trips profile page.

If you've received an email about signing up then the ID (also known as 'establishment number') will be on that message.

Still don't know it? Drop us a line.

What's my username?

Whatever you want it to be, although we recommend it is your establishment name or an abbreviated version of it.

What's my password?

That's up to you and can be set on registration. 

If you can't remember it, change it here

I'm already signed up!

No problem! If you have received another email form us asking to join, just email us and we'll remove you from any further chases.

If you haven't started the assessment yet, it's easy to get going.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in at using the email address you used when you signed up. If you can't remember it, change it here

2. If you have already added your ID number on sign up, you will see an image of your property on the dashboard screen, as below (this is the main image we hold for you on our system). Under that, choose 'Update Covid Confident Information' to start the assessment. 

If an image does not show, then choose 'Manage account' from the righthand menu (which is labelled with your username), add your ID number(s) at the bottom of the next screen and press 'save'.

Return to the dashboard and you should see your image and link to get started.

3. Once you have clicked 'Update Covid Confident Information', you can complete the Covid Confident assessment. The first page asks for evidence of a Covid-specific risk assessment, procedures and measures, staff training programmes and, where relevant, a food hygiene certificate, so please have these documents available to upload. Ideally they should be Word (.doc) or in PDF format.

4. At the end of the assessment, please sign the charter, agree to the terms and conditions and press save.

5. If you think you've missed something (just after submitting), then go back to the dashboard, click 'Update Covid Confident Information' and make the amend on the relevant change.

I'm done - what happens next?

Great! The dashboard will show the status of your assessment and you will receive an email from us if further information is needed.

If you think you have set up a duplicate account or have any queries, then please let us know at [email protected]