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Self-catering properties on this site are either part of the AA Self-catering accommodation scheme or the VisitEngland Self-catering accommodation scheme.

Join the AA Self Catering assessment scheme

When you apply to join the scheme, you’ll be visited and rated by a trained professional who will assess against seven key areas: bedrooms, bathrooms, cleanliness, public areas, kitchens, exterior, and management efficiency. Where additional facilities are provided e.g. spa, these will also be assessed.

As well as your establishment having a page on, you'll have access to AA logos, a range of signage, and marketing benefits.

AA-rated businesses already in the Hotel or Guest Accommodation scheme can pay a reduce fee for their self-catering units (see page two of the offer fees below).

SPECIAL OFFER – get up to 10 months' free AA recognition

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Email your form to
[email protected]
or call us on 01256 844445

*when you join in March. Offer ends 30 November 2021.

Join the VisitEngland Self Catering assessment scheme

The VisitEngland scheme mirrors the AA scheme described above.

SPECIAL MARCH OFFER – get 17 months' scheme recognition for the price of 12*

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In addition it also offers accreditation-only membership – see below.


Accreditation-only membership

This level of VisitEngland membership has been designed to provide accommodation businesses with a robust and dependable method to demonstrate that they are operating in a safe, clean and legal way. Initially launched in 2010, the scheme has been regularly revisited to ensure it covers the latest legislation.

VisitEngland works with destinations and local assessment organisations to offer this accreditation scheme on a local level. However, if a business is in an area without a local scheme, they can apply to VisitEngland directly.

Entry Level Accreditation offers reassurance that the accommodation is safe, clean and legal, but does not include a star rating or quality accreditation, which are  available through one of VisitEngland’s range of quality assessment schemes.

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Email your form to
[email protected]
or call us on 01256 338350

*when you join in March. Offer ends 31 July 2021.


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